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    Using Flags in Load Script

      Hi guys,


      I have searched the forum looking for posts relating to using flags in Load script to simplify expressions in charts. Oleg had a post, but the link to the post does not work anymore. Can someone please provide a very basic, simple and clear example of how to use these flags as I am unsure of how to do it?


      Thank you

        • Using Flags in Load Script
          Kaushik Solanki



              You can use variables in scripts which can act like a flag.


              Will you please explain what you want to achieve using flags.


          Thanks & Regards,

          Kaushik Solanki  

            • Using Flags in Load Script

              I m trying to do something like this as an expression,

              count ({<Strat1 ={'1'}, app_date = strat_date>}distinct customer_id)

              but from my understanding, in set analysis you can't compare two fields together, as the app_date and the strat_date are both fields in my application. I have been advised to try and use flags in the load script to handle this, so any thoughts on this or any other way of re-writing this expression to get it to satisfy those conditions would be appreciated.




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                  Nagaian Krishnamoorthy

                  Though I do not know the requirements of your application nor what you are trying to do, I can answer a part of your question.


                  When you were advised to try the use of flag, probably s(he) meant this:


                  (1) In the logical table having the fields app_date and strat_date, add a field (let us call it 'date_flag') which is true when the dates are equal. (You can do this by adding (app_date = strat_date) as date_flag in your load script.


                  (2) Use this flag in your set analysis expression instead of comparing dates (e.g. count ({<Strat1 ={'1'}, date_flag = {'true'}>}distinct customer_id)


                  Hope this helps.