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    Custom color code of gauge in Qliksense does not work

    Wayne Ong

      Hi all,


      I used a calculated dimension in the gauge where it buckets the number of days between 2 dates, analyzed against no of documents completed. I need to color the gauge based on these buckets, where I enabled the color code option under the colors and legend, but it does not work. The values are correct though. My syntax is:


      If(round(enddate-startdate) <= 30, 'green',

      If(round(enddate-startdate) <= 60, 'orange',

      If(round(enddate-startdate) > 60, 'red',




      I am not sure why it fail. In particular, those less than 30 days do not seem to be captured, and turn out black which is my catch all condition. Those bigger than 30 are captured correctly. Am very puzzled, please help