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    Qlik Sense SAP Bex Connector Load Dimension Attributes

    Deirdre Fitzgerald

      I am using the SAP Bex Connector to select and load data from a BW Query. I was having great success until I needed to select two attributes of a dimension. When I do not have the attributes (in red below) in the load statement, then the report load is successful. But I need to load them to use them in the app. The error I get is "Field 'ZMAT_VAL_0PRICE_VAL' not found".

      How do I load attributes of a dimension? 0PRICE_VAL and 0PRICE_STD are attributes of the available characteristic ZMAT_VAL in the query.

      I saw this blurb in the help online but did not know what to do with it besides how to correctly refer to the attributes as dimension_attribute:

      Non Navigational Attributes

      Non Navigational Attributes are not listed amont the dimensions. These have to be added manually to the load script. In the load statement section of the script, add a line with the following syntax:



      For example, if the desired attribute is the 0MANUFACTOR of the info-object 0MATERIAL, the line in script would be:

      0MATERIAL_0MANUFACTOR] as [Manufactor]

      Here is my script:

      LIB CONNECT TO 'SAP_JBD (abccompany_jdoe)';

      [0DIVISION] as [Division],
      [0MATERIAL] as [Material],
      [ZMAT_VAL_0PRICE_VAL] as [MSRP],
      [ZMAT_VAL_0PRICE_STD] as [Standard Price],
      [5C78ZVZ25PQP3ET4M2E32068B] as [Exploded Units],
      [5C78ZWEF7MY44NW0XQIRM43NV] as [Gross Sales],




      SELECT [ZZSD_M01_Q002_QS]
      [0DIVISION], //Division
      [0MATERIAL], //Material
      [ZMAT_VAL_0PRICE_STD], //[Standard Price]
      MEASURES (
      [5C78ZVZ25PQP3ET4M2E32068B], //Exploded Units
      [5C78ZWEF7MY44NW0XQIRM43NV], //Gross Sales
      UNITS (
      [CURRENCY004.5C78ZVZ25PQP3ET4M2E32068B], //CURRENCY004 Exploded Units
      [UNIT004.5C78ZVZ25PQP3ET4M2E32068B], //UNIT004 Exploded Units
      [CURRENCY006.5C78ZWEF7MY44NW0XQIRM43NV], //CURRENCY006 Gross Sales
      [UNIT006.5C78ZWEF7MY44NW0XQIRM43NV], //UNIT006 Gross Sales
      [NAME=ZPDIVS, SIGN=I, OPTION=EQ, LOW=48], //Division
      [NAME=0S_COCD, SIGN=I, OPTION=EQ, LOW=0006], //Company Code
      [NAME=0SALEORG, SIGN=I, OPTION=EQ, LOW=0041], //Sales Org

      FROM [ZSD_M01];
      // STORE * FROM [ZZSD_M01_Q002_QS] INTO [LIB://FolderConnection/ZZSD_M01_Q002_QS.qvd];
      // DROP TABLE [ZZSD_M01_Q002_QS];