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    how to subquery in a sheet?

    Wil Verstappen

      Hello all,


      Hopefully someone can help me with below question:


      I'm a newbee in Qlikview, and i've a question about filtering data in a sheet.


      I have a live connection with oracle data source. (I've already create a button to refresh data in the sheet)

      I want to create multiple sheets on the same data. Sometimes I only want to see the data of financial year 2018 and in another sheet I want to see the data of financial year 2017 and 2018 together.


      How can I make a subquery to see only the data of a specific year?



      I thought it should be possible in the Edit expression for that particular field, but I dont know how.


      Can I use a where clause in a Edit Expression, or where should I do this to see only data of 2018??


      Thanks for support!