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    Hiding values in chart

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, I am trying to hide some values within a straight table.

      I have 2 straight tables:


      Goods Received

      Goods Returned


      Goods receiving figures are all POSITIVE values and goods returned are all NEGATIVE values.

      The problem i have is that the only way i can tell what is returned and what is received is by looking at the values.

      I want to be able to show ONLY POSITIVE vales in the goods received table and ONLY NEGATIVE values in the goods returned table.

      I have tried writing a simple expression for each table




      StockQty is my value field.


      But this still shows the details for the negative lines (but hides the actual value) is there a way i can completely hide the full line for negative values on Goods Receiving and hide the complete line for positive vales on the Goods Returned table?



      I have attached a sample


      Thanks for your help.