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    Qlik Map

    Finbar Gillen

      Hi all,


      I upgraded my Qlik to the April 2018 edition from the previous edition and now I am having an issue with the mapping.


      In the map below I displaying the polygons by a measure. The ones that are gray have a measure of 0.



      In the new edition when I create the same map, it filters out the grayed out counties which I do not want to happen. Anyone know a work around? I have selected show null values and tried near everything but I can not get it to show the grayed out polygons.



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          Mark Perreault

          Try assigning a value to counties that are null.



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              Finbar Gillen

              I was think of something along those lines but it doesn't work. There doesn't seem to be a button anywhere where you can include the null values.


              When unselected, measures that have the value ‘0’ are not included in the presentation. If there is more than one measure value, all the measure values must have the value ‘0’ to be excluded from the presentation.