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    dividing customers

    willem van der Plas

      Hello everyone,

      I have a question about Qliksense.

      I would like to divide my customers into 3 groups:

      New customers (customers who have bought this month and never before)

      Loyal customers (customers who bought this month and for that too)

      Stopped customers (customers who have not bought this month and always dit before)

      I do have a master's calendar but in spite of that I do not know how to do this. Does anyone have any idea?

      thanks in advance!

      With best regards,

      Willem van der Plas

        • Re: dividing customers
          Mark Perreault

          There are probably several ways of doing this but give something like this a shot.


          ///Lists your customers



          Load Distinct


          Resident Customers;




          ////Creates flag for Customers with an order this month

          Left Join (CustomerClassesTemp)



          '1' as HasOrdersThisMonthFlag

          Resident OrderDetails

          Where OrderDate >= MonthStart(Today());


          ////Creates flag for Customers with an order in a prior month

          Left Join (CustomerClassesTemp)



          '1' as HasPastOrdersFlag

          Resident OrderDetails

          Where OrderDate < Date(MonthStart(Today()));



          Left Join(Customers)



          If(HasOrdersThisMonthFlag = '1' and Isnull(HasPastOrdersFlag),'New Customer',

               f(HasOrdersThisMonthFlag = '1' and HasPastOrdersFlag = '1','Loyal Customer',

                   if(HasPastOrdersFlag = '1' and isnull(HasOrdersThisMonthFlag),'Stopped Customer'))) as [Customer Group]

          Resident CustomerClassesTemp;

          Drop Table CustomerClassesTemp;