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    Representation on plane as a function of variable

    rafael Monteagudo

      Hello, I have the need to show on a map the number of incidents that an element of an installation has. In summary mode I have a table as follows:


      ID Element    Type

      A                    Battery

      B                     Lamp

      C                    Lamp

      B                     Lamp


      I represent these data on a plane with the size of the bubble represented the number of times that a fault in the same element is repeated (in this case the ID Element 'B' is repeated 2 times).

      I have created a variable that I call Repetitions and that I modify its value through a slayer with the aim that only the elements with a number of incidences greater than this variable are represented in the plane. That is, if the variable Repetitions = 0, the three elements (A, B, C) are represented, while if Repetitions = 2, only Element B is represented. Question:

      How can I do this last step ?.

        Thank you very much