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    RangeSum Function with If Condition

    Mustafa Botsalı



      So I have this rangeSum function in a table perfectly working:


      rangeSum (Below(Sum([Sales]),0,($(vMonthCalc)+1)))


      Here variable vMonthCalc keeps track of the interval between current month and the beginning of the year by checking a date field. (I.E. for 01.01.2018 it holds 0, for 01.02.2018 it holds 1, 01.11.2017 it holds 10 and so on).


      And I have two products in my Products field, A and B. I only need to calculate total amount of sales for product A since the beginning of the year. But my function as you can imagine gives me the total sales for product A and B.




      Date                  Products   Sales

      01.01.2018              A           20

      01.01.2018              B           30

      01.02.2018              A           10

      01.02.2018              B           20



      The function holds 50 for January and 80 for February. But I need to hold 20 for January and 30 for February.


      I tried to use an if condition everywhere in the formula but couldn't succeed.


      Can anyone help me where to put an if condition or how to make a set analysis for this condition ?


      Thanks a lot.