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    Launching a qvw file in a browser



      I'm trying to launch a qvw file in a browser (opening in a new window). The content appears fine. But it is the title bar of the browser that I'm worried about. I keep getting the text "Qlikview" appended along with the file name in the title.


      Previously I tried launching the file in an iframe in order remove the Qlikview text, but turns out there is a problem with IE (IE7 especially) when it comes to iframes. Because of this, the content would only be seen on resizing the window.


      Since iframes was giving me this problem, I resorted to the idea of launching the file directly in the browser url without having to go through iframes and have ended up with the title bar issue which I have mentioned above.


      I'm using Qlikview 9 SR7


      Can some one show some light on this?? It would be useful.