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    Geo analytics connector is not working to load cities data




      I am using geo analytics plus connector to get the data from cities location service. Find the below setting of service which I have setup:

      City Service Settings.PNG


      Here is the script:


      LIB CONNECT TO 'QGA_CityLatLong';


      /* Generated by GeoAnalytics for operation Load ---------------------- */


      SQL SELECT [Cities_Name], [Cities_Geometry], [CountryIso2], [Cities_Adm1Code], [Cities_Adm2Code], [LocationDbType], [LocationDbId] FROM Load(dataset='Cities')

      DATASOURCE Cities LOCATIONSERVICE geometry='POINT', type='P*', country='', serviceName='default'


      /* End GeoAnalytics operation Load ----------------------------------- */



      After loading data I am getting below error:



      Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this concern? I need city wise lat long from above service.



      Dilip Solanki