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    Qlik Sense April 2018 file corrupt error

    Andrea Gigliotti


      I just upgraded with success a Qlik Sense Site from February to April 2018 version.


      Now I'm facing the attached error while opening the app.


      below the engine log error:

      35 20180521T105940.839+0200 ERROR UMBQLIK-S 9fb6321d-f254-4bd2-8eec-04ea4048027d 20180521T105940.834+0200 Command=Open app;Result=3002;ResultText=Error: File corrupted c2c77482-db0f-4fa1-8f4a-4f779ac34dfe 287aa595-f68b-4431-8a8a-6ac23fdc2061 1 UMBRA qlikadmin 59a029ba-0aba-4f67-8181-154df7b3f0be 435719e7-a55d-4312-82c5-dce8508a091e Not available Engine Not available Global::OpenApp Open app 3002 435719e7-a55d-4312-82c5-dce8508a091e 9fb6321d-f254-4bd2-8eec-04ea4048027d


      Other apps are working with no error.


      Where I should look for some error logs ?


      What could be the reason for this issue and how can I fix it ?





      Thanks in advance for your time.


      Best Regards