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    Total for Top n Rows

    William Labarca

      Hi all,


      I have a pivot table in Qlik Sense that is calculating the Sales last quarter and the In Stock % for a given item.  I need the totals in this table to only reflect the top 5 row values.  I can limit the rows to only show 5 values but the totals still reflect all of the data.  I would like to achieve this in an expression as apposed to doing it in the script.


      My current expression for the sales is:



      In the example below, the total for Last Quarter Sales is $6.6M (because it includes all values in my sales table) but the goal is for this total to calculate on only the top 5 values equaling $343,772.31.  Again, I want to avoid making script changes and I want this to calculate without making a selection to the top 5 results. 




      Any help is appreciated! Thanks.