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    Using Master Calendar with multiple date tables

    Don Schmitz

      Qlik Group,


      This is a Qlik Sense Free Cloud project.

      I have 4 tables (imported as spreadsheets)

      App_Provider: Contains WorkGroup, Provider_id

      App_Billing: Contains Provider_id & Billing_date

      App_Orders: Contains Provider_id & Order_date

      App_Labs: Contains Provider_id & Lab_date


      The Provider table is a master of all the providers which I have associated with all provider_id in the other tables(Billing, Orders, Labs)

      Using Provider table as the filter will restrict all other tables to just that provider or WorkGroup of providers.

      I would like to add a filter on Year, Quarter, Month (Master Calendar) so that the info could be filtered additionally by date.

      I have watched the Master Calendar Video which I used Billing_date as what would populate with dates in my master calendar.

      All seems to work with Billing data but how do I add the Orders and Labs to utilize the master calendar as it gets very messy attempting to use the Associations options within Qlik Sense.  When I try to associate the master calendar with Labs or Orders dates it seems to remove my associations on provider_id.


      I would like to have a master filter for Workgroup / Provider (this is the provider table)

      and a master date filter which would work across all the other tables.


      In watching and using the master calendar video it apprears you need to unlock the Auto-generated section to make any changes do I need to have all tables Imported/loaded first before attempting to add a master calendar?

      Thanks for any help.