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    Variance Month to Month

    Elizabeth Viso



      I'm trying to use a waterfall chart to show the variance from month to month but I'm just not getting it to work correctly. To calculate each month percent I use this expression:


      For Feb:

      (Count({<[UMHC SYSTEM]={'100%'},[EC-LS-EM]= {'EC'}, Month = {'Feb'}>} [UMHC SYSTEM])/16  )


      (  Count({<[EC-LS-EM]= {'EC'}>} EP#) / (16 * count({<Date={'<=$(=today())'}>}distinct Month))  )


      Which would be 42%


      then for March, it is:

      (Count({<[UMHC SYSTEM]={'100%'},[EC-LS-EM]= {'EC'}, Month = {'Mar'}>} [UMHC SYSTEM])/16)


      (Count({<[EC-LS-EM]= {'EC'}>} EP#) / (16 * count({<Date={'<=$(=today())'}>}distinct Month)))

      Which would be 50%


      So what I'm trying to show the variance from month to month, depending what months are selected. How can I go about doing that?