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    Aggr function in set analysis



      in a table like this:


      campo1  campo2  valore

      A             10         1

      A               3       99

      A             27         3

      B             14         1

      B             32         2

      C           100         6

      C           200         7

      C           300       14


      I want in a graph obtain for every value in campo1 the value of valore for the minimum of campo2, in this example I want to obtain this:


      A  99

      B   1

      C   6


      I tried a graph/pivot with campo1 as dimension and sum({$<campo2={$(=min(aggr(min(campo2),campo1)))}>}valore) as expression but also

      sum({$<campo2={$(=aggr(min(campo2),campo1))}>}valore). But In first case I get only 99 and 0 for other campo1 values, in second case I get 0 and a value only if I select only one value of campo1.

      Can someone help me please?