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    Section Access using multiple AD Connections

    Matthew Morge

      Hi All,


      I have been using Qlik Sense for around 9 months now and had an external developer with me in the initial stages. The main App that he was contracted to develop and I have plagiarized ever since employs section access to filter data based on the users permissions in an external ERP system.


      So to my knowledge, it takes the following user credential from the AD connection:





      and maps it to the users user ID from the ERP system, then picks up the available sites per user of which there are three from the same user access table and the resulting app only displays data that the user has permissions for.


      The user access table would have for example:

      Domain Account - User ID - Site Access

      fakepepsico.co.uk\matthew.morge - MORGEM - VH1

      fakepepsico.pt\matthew.morge - MORGEM - VP1

      fakepepsico.co.uk\matthew.morge - MORGEM - VS1

      fakepepsico.co.uk\matthew.morge - MORGEM - VS2


      The issue I am running into, I have access to all sites within the ERP system, but when this section access is applied I lose visibility of the Portuguese sites data. You can see from my example above this specific site has a different domain on which I do have a separate account. I can login using this account and access only the Portuguese data but do not wish to do this as I need to be viewing data on a global standard. This I believe is also creating issues in N-Printing also.

      The long term solution would obviously be to move to a single domain solution but I don't feel that this is high priority as it stands or at least not at the present time despite it being a huge hindrance. 

      Any help in sorting this would be greatly appreciated!!

      Many thanks,