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    Can't create points using map chart

    Rodrigo Kuerten

      Hello there. I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop, the latest version (downloaded last week).

      I'm using a csv file as the data source for my application.
      I've done all other charts for my app, but the map doesn't work in anyway I try it.


      The csv looks like this (is quite big, 16 fields).

      2018-05-01 19:03:21John-23.40600166-44.468035...
      2018-05-01 19:03:44Eric-4.18610166-44.468035...
      2018-05-01 21:02:50Mike-23.40599166-46.404655...
      2018-05-02 12:02:50Carl-23.40599166-46.404655...


      Some fields may repeat. The only "geo" fields are latitude and longitude.

      Qlik doesn't recognize the Latitude and Longitude when creating point maps.

      I created a dimension called location using GeoMakePoint(Latitude, Longitude), created a map using this as dimension, but it doesn't show anything.


      With the full file, it says there's an error in a latitude field, but searching in the file there isn't (a field with -23.256 value, image below in portuguese).

      Using the first 6 lines, it doesn't work either.

      Using six lines with no latitude/longitude repeating, it doesn't work.

      Sem título.png

      Would be glad if someone finds an answer to this.