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    in Qliksense chart independant from filter

    Deepika Gohil

      I am using qliksense.

      I have 1 filter called financial year (2016-17,2017-18,2018-19).

      I want a bar chart which has dimension as financial year and measure will give sum of the sales for max month of the respective financial year i.e(Mar-17,Mar-18,May18)


      I put expression as =sum({<MonthYear={'$(vMax_monthyear)'}>}Sales)

      where vMax_monthyear=aggr(max(MonthYear),FinancialYear)


      In this case I am getting value for measure only when I am selecting financial year from measure.If I am not selecting any financial year then chart is not showing any measure.I want to display the value for all the years without selecting financial year from filter.

      I have negate the financial year like below also.but not working .


      please assist.