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    Learning QlikSense expressions

    celine xu


      Really want to learn more about how to code in QlikSense. --both using data loading edit and the expression in the dashboard.

      Googled the topic and also using Youtube but did not find much info.


      Could anyone suggest some Vedio or book or website I can learn more?

      and having several questions below hope to get some answer:


      1. is the expression used in Data loading editor the same in the dashboard ? e.g. if(cond,then,eles) ; but seems aggr() only can be used in dashboard right?  and are all the expression using in Dashboard called 'set analysis'???


      2. is the expression using in the dashboard area in Qlik sense the same as Qlik View (when search for qliksense expression/ tutorial I often get qlik view ones but not qlik sense so wondering are they the same)



      3. do we have any course or book or document teach person from day one. feel like great need for using that expression to manipulate data in dashboard (choose, not choose, grouping in a different way, cross column adding ....)


      Thank you for any suggestion