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    Map displays locations that does not have values

    Helge Jørgensen

      Hi, Qlik-experts


      I want to display locations on a map where the locations have a value (data). This worked fine in the previous version of qlik, but after the upgrade the maps displays alle the locations even though the ones that does not have values. I have deselected the “show zero values”.


      In the figure below, the small blue spots are locations that does not have data. It’s the bigger ones I would like to display.

      The locations do have other values, but for this purpose I only want to show locations that have that a specific measurement, based on the ElementID. The size of the bubbles are from measurement;

      sum({1<Year= {'2018'}, ElementID= {RR}>} [Vaerdata.Verdi])

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          Ivan Bozov

          Unfortunately, the map chart is extremely buggy in the April release. I had exactly the same problem. In my case all dots that should be 0 showed a value of 9. In addition to this, yesterday the map object was not loading at all. Today my default background layer disappeared and the map showed a message that it cannot connect to the server. I hope they will fix this soon, it is very annoying.