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    VARCHAR2 as number as of April 2018

    Mike Ribeiro

      Prior to upgrading to the April 2018 release, VARCHAR2 data types in our Oracle database were being loaded as text. After upgrading, those data types are now loading as numbers. This causes problems for our incrementally-loaded QVDs as any data loaded and stored prior to the upgrade displays as text in a given field, while any new data displays as a number, even if the same value.


      For example, a [Fiscal Year] field will now look like this in Qlik Sense:







      The same Fiscal Year displays as two distinct entries in a Filter Pane, once as text and once as a number.


      To test this, I executed the exact same query in a load editor on our Production server (November 2017) and our Test server (April 2018): select fiscal_year from mft_fiscal_period;


      fiscal_year is a varchar2 data type.


      QlikProd displays fiscal_year as text, as it should. QlikTest displays fiscal_year as a number, despite not being asked to do so.


      This will not do.


      Is there any way to force Qlik to not alter the underlying data type?