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    qliksense internal table

    alex javied



      We are using qliksense to pull data from sql server database,  I am trying to understand how frequently   qliksense refreshing ( pulling data ) from the database,  I can see that there is a daily task which refreshes apps,

      Issue we are facing here is that in the qliksense sheet, I can see there are 5250 records reported  ever when I look at the back end database table I see more records. Why is qliksense showing less data ?


      could be that qliksense retrieving data from its internal files? how can i query internal qliksesne files? 

      PS: I am running the same script used by data load script.



      Thanks in advance

        • Re: qliksense internal table
          Mark Ritter

          To really answer this would need to see your load script.


          Qlik Sense will reload as often as you specify in the task created for this.  It will pull in whatever data the load script is setup to pull in from your source.


          You might also want to make sure that your load script is actually running correctly with no errors.