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    Calculating Rebates

    Daniel Gorman



      New user to Qlik and I am looking for some help with regards to calculating tiered rebates i.e.


      Rebates                                                            %

      $0  - $10M0.5%
      $10,000,001  - $30M1.0%
      $30,000,001  - $100M1.5%
      $100,000,001  - $250M2.0%


      i'm unsure of how to create the buckets and filter the total spend into each to create the calculation, so far I only have bucket for total spend.


      Any help would be appreciated

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          Steve Dark

          Hi Daniel,


          Are the values to be bucketted in a single field in the source data?  If so you will want to create the rebate field during load, like this;




            num(if(Value < 0, 0,

              if(Value <= 10000000, 0.005,

              if(Value <= 30000000, 0.01,

              if(Value <= 100000000, 0.015,

              if(Value <= 250000000, 0.02,

              0.03))))), '#,##0.0%') as [Rebate Pct],

          You can then do a Preceeding Load to get the actual rebate, like this;



              Value * [Rebate Pct] as Rebate




              num(if(value etc...


          If you need to aggregate to get to the value that you need to calculate the rebate on, then you probably want to use a GROUP BY in the load script, from which you can then calculate the rebate value.  That's a touch more involved, but just a number of small steps to get to the right result.


          Hope that helps,


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              Daniel Gorman

              Hi Steve,


              Thanks for the reply, the data is transactional data so there is no rebate field, my original idea was to create it using numerous if statements

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                  Steve Dark

                  So, do you need to take into account all transactions to date to decide which rebate bucket a customer is on, or is it within a certain time frame?


                  If it is for all time you could do it in the load script, using a RESIDENT load.  This loads from a table which has already been loaded and allows you to do further manipulation.


                  So, if you had a CustomerID and a number of Values you needed to total up, it would be:





                    sum(Value) as [Customer Value To Date],

                    num(if(sum(Value) < 0, 0,

                      if(sum(Value) <= 10000000, 0.005,

                      if(sum(Value) <= 30000000, 0.01,

                      if(sum(Value) <= 100000000, 0.015,

                      if(sum(Value) <= 250000000, 0.02,

                      0.03))))), '#,##0.0%') as [Rebate Pct]

                  RESIDENT SalesTable

                  GROUP BY CustomerID


                  In the front end of the application you could then get the total value of Rebates as:

                  sum(Value*[Rebate Pct])

                  Or the total value with rebates removed as:

                  sum(Value*(1-[Rebate Pct]))

                  Hope that helps?