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    Qlik Sense certification

    Wanyun Yang

      Hello everyone,


      As a business analyst, I'm wondering is it important and useful to get a qlik sense certification? I know there are 3 kinds of certifications: Business Analyst, data Architect, Developer, and also certifications from Udemy, etc. Which would be the best one for a business analyst career path?


      Any advice helps. Thanks in advance!

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          Jose Miguel Vilaplana



          In my opinion, the best one is "Data Architect" because it has the "Bussines Analyst" inside. The third one is "System Administration" (is for me the less important) not "Developer"



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            Mark Ritter

            I can't really speak to what value these have in the real world.  But they can't hurt.


            If you are truly just a Business Analyst then the Business Analyst cert would be the most valuable.  Followed by Developer as you will be doing some development if you are doing self service. 


            Data Architect would have some value but probably not much.  But it would be good to know.


            These are just my opinions of course.  Others might feel differently.

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              Ivan Bozov

              I would say Data Architect as this is what brings value. It (almost) never happens that you get perfect data in one table. In most cases you will have to understand and clean your data, prepare the data model, do some calculations, etc. Doing all this in the data load script (Data Architect) provides much more flexibility.


              A Business Analyst needs a Data Architect who prepares the data. A Data Architect, however, has enough knowledge to do what a Business Analyst does. Also look here at the domain areas to see what is covered by the exams: Qlik Sense Certifications

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                Gerardo Alegria Benitez

                I recommend to get Data Architect and Business Analyst. Qlik certifications get more value to a qlik consultant