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    Adding several excel files and linking them together


      I want to add several excel files as data sources. How do I do that?


      I also want to be able to link them with the table ID, so that I can extract data from all the files at the same time. Just by having an ID number from the excel file. How do I do that?


      Greatful for some help

        • Adding several excel files and linking them together
          Kaushik Solanki



              In script window you can add every single file by clicking on tablefile button and select the excel file.

              This will autogenerate a script for you.


              Now to link two tables you need to give same name to the fields through which you have to link those two tables. Just like below.





              From abc.xls




              p, q, r as c

              from pqr.xls


              Here you are linking Table1 and Table 2 by field name c and r respectively. Thus we renamed one field r to c. So that both the table links to each other.



          Kaushik Solanki