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    count of count greater than a number

    Isabel Encinas

      I have 3 columns:



      SD.Customer Formatted Numberoriginal dimension (caller number)
      Customer Contact IDbasically an expression to correct the format=IF(Index([SD.Customer Formatted Number],'tel:')>=1, KeepChar([SD.Customer Formatted Number], '+0123456789'), IF(index([SD.Customer Formatted Number], 'sip:')=0, [SD.Customer Formatted Number], mid([SD.Customer Formatted Number], 5)))
      Count([SD.Customer Formatted Number])count of calls

      Count([SD.Customer Formatted Number])


      fcr sample.JPG


      Now, I want to count the number of callers that called more than once (email add not included)


      Desired Result:


      DateRepeat callers