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    Colouring a line chart based on different dimensions

    anusha h

      Hi all,


      I have a line chart with 2 dimensions, year and country.


      The measure is such that when I select a country, I can see sum(sales) in each year for that country. When I select a country and a compared country,The line chart shows the sum(Sales) for each year for 2 countries(country and compared country).


      There should be only one country selected but I can select any number of compared countries. Basically it is comparing the sum(Sales) for a country with other countries.


      The problem is when color property is set to auto, the chart shows grey color for both country and compared country. When the color property is set to color by dimension, it shows the colour for the country but grey for compared country.


      I want to see the colour for country and also for compared country when compared country is selected. Different color should be displayed for different countries.


      How can I do this?


      Thanks in advance,