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    DLE create new field based on contents of other fields

    Luke Nathan

      I have a table with many records and two fields named Group and ShortDesciption. 


      Level1MIT7 GASU5 CSU2TW NYU1 WCU69U
      Level3UCLA3 UCI74 WSU9
      Level2UPENN10 UNR11 UMASS6 ASU5 VTC5


      Via the Data Load Editor I want to search every record in field Group for "Level1" and field ShortDesciption for "MIT7" and "NYU1" then when found I want to insert the string "Positioned" into a new field named District in the same record so the table above looks like this...


      Level1MIT7 ASU5 CSU2 NYU1 WCU6Positioned
      Level3UCLA3 UCI4 WSU9
      Level2UPENN10 UNR11 UMASS6 ASU5 VTC5


      Below is the Data Load Script that I have so far, can you help me modify it to accomplish what I described above?





      FROM [lib://Book1.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet3);