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    help with macro... :-(


      I'm a newbie in QV, in a pair of days I'll partecipate at the Designer training in Milan


      I'm working with QV10, I am developing a report with a button. I want a simple alert/messagebox. In not-WebView it's alla right, in Web-View (and especially in the customer's server) it doesn't work!


      The code in macro is:


      sub mostraMessaggio()


      end sub


      and it's linked to a button (properties --> Actions --> Add -->Execute Macro --> External macro


      I saw in QEMC too, the allow unsafe and allow execute of macro are flagged... but the problem is bigger: neither in my pc it doesn't work

      Of course it isn't only for this messagebox... but either for other macros that doesn't work...


      Thank you for your help!