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    Further optimizing qvds and load scripts

    David Cox

      We've started to optimize loading our larger tables as qvds.  We are wondering now if we could further optimize load speed by pre-processing some more things into the qvds

      For example:

      - autocalendar.  Can we run this before we create the qvd, so that the results are already saved? 

      - geocoding items.  Can the qvd already contain the long_lat combination script, etc so that this doesn't need to be run each time the qvd is loaded?

      - other ideas


      Alternatively, we can pre-process certain things in the database to optimize loading speed with qvds. 

        • Re: Further optimizing qvds and load scripts
          Thomas Karner



          autocalendar is always generated at runtime, means when opening an app.

          Please also see my article about this Derived Calendar Fields

          You can probably increase performance (when opening an app) by separating the datefield in a separated table containing only the date field.


          geocoding: Not 100% sure, but I think it´s possible to store the result of GeoMakePoint function of script in QVD and then later load it quick with optimized load.


          BR Thomas