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    FirstSortedValue and Aggr

    Tim Poismans



      I've been through a few posts already, but I can't seem to figure it out.


      I got the following table (which is a visual representation of my aggr measure):

      %WRFINX                   NACPRD                  Measure1

      1530                             2017-11                    0

      1530                             2017-12                    1546

      1530                             2018-01                    1546

      1530                             2018-02                    -1952

      1530                             2018-03                    -1952


      Measure1 contains the following measure;


      Now I want to have the value returned from Measure1, for the last period(NACPRD). But by using the following:


      it returns Null().

      I'm at a loss of how to retrieve the value from the last NACPRD and would appreciate every help.

      Thanks in advance!

      Kind regards,

      Tim P.