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    Expansion works in Master Measure, but not Master Dimension

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Folks,


      I have a variable that I declare in my script:


      SET vPayItemCodeTypes = 



      Then in a Master Measure, I have this and it works as expected.


      SUM({<pyt_itemcode={$(vPayItemCodeTypes)}>} pyd_amount)



      However, when I try the same thing in a Master Dimension, I have no such luck.


      =if( match(pyt_itemcode, '$(vPayItemCodeTypes)', pyt_itemcode
      , Null()




      =if( match(pyt_itemcode, $(vPayItemCodeTypes), pyt_itemcode
      , Null()


      No dice.



      Does anyone know how I can get my variable to expand properly?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.