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    Six Months restriction in bar chart(May 2018 to oct 2018)

    bhavani b

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      I have a date field in DD/MM/YYYY Format which contains the data from 1999 to 2022 years dates.like


      Reporting Date








      Means in the app it contains Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 data already.

      But In a bar chart I have to restrict data from current month to following 5 months bars like

      May 2018,June 2018,Jul 2018,Aug 2018,Sep 2018,Oct 2018


      in the next month the chart has to show data from June 2018,Jul 2018,Aug 2018,Sep 2018,Oct 2018,Nov 2018.

      My Measure is Sum(sales).

      Please help me to include this 6months restriction expression in the above measure.

      Thanks in advance.