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      Hi Everyone,


      I have a question. My CalendarDate format is MM/DD/YYYY.

      If the value in my variable(vStartDate) is in Julian Date format I can write in this way to compare


      Sum({< CalendarDate = {'>=$(=Date(vStartDate))<=$(=Date(vEndDate))'} >} SalesAmount).


      But what if its vice versa. The Calendar Date is in Julian Format and the variable is in MM/DD?YYYY format.


      Please help,




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          John Witherspoon

          By Julian date, I assume you mean the underlying QlikView numeric, the number of days since 12/30/1899?  If the variable is still a date, just a formatted one, I believe this:


          Sum({< CalendarDate = {">=$(=num(vStartDate))<=$(=num(vEndDate))"} >} SalesAmount)


          If it's not even a date, and is just a text field, I believe this:


          Sum({< CalendarDate = {">=$(=date#(vStartDate,'MM/DD/YYYY'))<=$(=date#(vEndDate,'MM/DD/YYYY'))"} >} SalesAmount)