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    Multiple Gauges from one List box

      If anyone knows if this is possible, I would appreciate your help.


      I have a list box which looks like this


      StepNumber, StepName, Qty






      I would like to create a seperate gauge for each step, so that gauge1 = 5, guage2 = 3, guage3 = 7 etc.


      If I setup my used dimensions as

      =Count ({<StepNumber=1>} DocumentStatus)


      and then select a record from the list box, the gauge displays the Qty correctly.


      However, I dont want to select any records in the list box, but if I dont select anything, it just displays a total count. 


      I can add a calculation condition of StepNumber=1, however then I get a "Calculation condition unfulfilled" on the chart if I dont select record 1.


      Finally, is it then possible to set the title of the gauge to dynamically pick up the StepName?