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    Is there a way to customize the 'Show in zoom levels' option for a layer on a Map, using an expression?

    Owsama Hajjar

      I'm trying to view a number of cities in different countries on a map with their data labels.


      However, when zooming out to zoom X5 and above, the labels become unreadable.


      is there an expression to be using in the "calculation condition" area of the Layer Display tab that can view them based on a set criteria. (i.e. another field that specifies if its a 'major' city, or 'secondary' city.

      Something like this:

      if([City size]="large", show in all zoom levels,

                                    if([City size]="medium", show in zoom levels x1 to x5,
                                                                       if([City size]="Small", show in zoom levels x1 to x4,



      Thanks you for your time.