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    Problem with big numbers (more than 14 digits)

    omar bensalem

      Hi guys ( stalwar1, hic , petter-s , mto  ..)


      I have a problem to load BIG NUMBERS (more than 14,15 and even 17 digits).

      In fact, when It's more than 14, Qlik can't seem to recognize the numbers as numbers anymore.


      I've tried to surround the field by evaluate when loading it (evaluate(Field) instead of Field)

      and this seemed to work at first sight. In fact, the numbers that were imported as Zero are now being well interpreted but then I've found out that there are still some numbers imported as 0 (even bigger numbers) ! So the Evaluate() doesn't seem to work for all the cases...


      The question is: how can I import all the numbers (whatever how BIIIIIG they are), and still load them as numbers??)

      ps: My source is REST; thus, I'd have to handle things within Qlik.


      Thanks !