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    Qlik Sense Stacked Chart Legend Sort Issues

    Adam Gao

      Hi Guys,

      I notice there's an issue when displaying by stacked chart.

      1. Description for the issue.
        Legend sort will be assigned the end even set the sort by using field when the calculated value IS NULL in first row.
      2. My sample qvf file data structure
      3. My sample qvf file scripts
        refer to the qvf uploaded file
      4. Solution I suppose and what else solution I want.

              the possible solution I thought is to filling the data in the fact table with 0 combine to all the possible dimension values combination.

              but I think this would be digusting when the fact table is huge and when the etl loic is complicated in projects.

              What I want to find if there's a way to sort the legend in front end or any other easier ways not to modify the fact table?

      Thanks all in advance!