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    GetApplist doesn't get the app in the Angular mashup in IIS

    Santosh Chavan

      Hello All,

      I wanted to select first app from the hub Getapplist, it works fine at Hub, but when I'm trying to do the same thing using vs code and run locally (in the IIS), It throws an error:

      function getQlikApp() {

         var appCode = [];

      //Works fine in HUB / not in the IIS

         qlik.getAppList(function(list) {

         var str = [],

           appID = str;error.PNG


           console.log("configuration" +list);

         list.forEach(function(value) {





      //I've to speciy the AppId manually like this below it works

         return qlik.openApp("31466404-69b0-4e33-8560-15bb549eb7c9", config);



      It skips the getapplist, goes directly  to the openapp and opens the app

      Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue.