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    Expression with pivot table (using previous rows)

      Dear community,


      I am using Qlikview for a few weeks now, this software is amazingly powerful ! Well... so powerful that I can't find a solution to something really simple I guess...


      Let me explain you my problem.


      I am loading these datas :

          - id sale

          - year sale

          - month sale

          - category sale

          - subcategory sale

          - turnover sale


      I'd like to have a pivot table (see the attached file) with :

          - two dimensions : year and category

          - two expressions : sum(turnover) and the evolution of the turnover per year per category (sum(turnover from current year) / sum(turnover from previous year) - 1) for each category.


      I tried many ways (set analysis and so on), but i couldn't find a solution :-(


      Thanks a lot in advance for your time and your answer !




      ps : in the future, i'd like to replace the two dimensions by two hierarchy groups (year/month and category/subcategory)