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    Problems on calculating a daily sum and then a monthly maximum

    Elias Lohilahti



      I have data on single transactions, and I would need to sum daily amounts and then get a monthly maximum of them. I think it would be easy either to calculate daily sums from single transactions or to calculate monthly maximum from the daily sums, but I can't seem to find a way to do this kind of a two-dimensional aggregation e.g. in Bar Charts and Pivot Tables. Do I need to do some aggregations already in the Data Load editor? Tried to do as follows, but loading the data lead to an error.


      LTB CONNECT TO [database]








      SELECT "contractno", "dateno", SUM("a" / "b") AS "dailysum"

      FROM "Database"."table1", "Database"."table2"

      WHERE "contract1" = "contract2"

      GROUP BY "dateno";