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    Comparasion in Set Analysis with variables



      I have a issue with one of my KPI:


      I need do a sum of one of my column, it's a number of persons.


      But I want do this count with dimension category and a dimension Adult/Children.

      My problem is that dimension Adult CHildren is not fixed. I need calcul with the birthday and a date selectioned by the user in a calendar, the age of each personne and count the person in the field Adult or Childre.


      For this, I have create in a multidimensional chart, with one dimension : Category and two expressions :

      One for count the numbers of persons in Adult and the other for Children.


      I have create three variables :


      LET vSetAge     =  num((Date(Min(CALENDRIER_Choix.Date_Choix),'DD/MM/YYYY')-date([RECEVEUR.Date de Naissance],'DD/MM/YYYY'))/365)
      LET vSetAdulte =  IF(num((Date(Min(CALENDRIER_Choix.Date_Choix),'DD/MM/YYYY')-date([RECEVEUR.Date de Naissance],'DD/MM/YYYY'))/365)>=18,1,0)=1
      LET vSetEnfant = IF(num((Date(Min(CALENDRIER_Choix.Date_Choix),'DD/MM/YYYY')-date([RECEVEUR.Date de Naissance],'DD/MM/YYYY'))/365)<18,1,0)=1



      And my expression is :


      Sum({<$(vSetAdulte)>}[Nb Mise en attente])


      When I put the variable vSetAdulte like an expression I have 1 or 0 in the column but in the set analysis it's not works....I don't have nothing in my column. Can you help me please? I have past one day with many forms but I don't understand why it's not works.


      Kind Regards,