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    Input box with Predefined values

    Thomas Ake

      Hi ALL,

      anybody an idea how to do that in QlikSense:

      Input box with Predefined values coming from a ... | Qlik Community


      We need a inputbox with two variable (vStartdate- and vEnddate) as drop-down with semicolon separated predefined values.
      In QlikView this is straightforward with "Input Box" with settings in "Constraints" tab:

      At the end we want do calculations base on a certain period (vStartdate and vEnddate) what is selected by the users.
      Input box with drop-down list in Qlikview looks like this here:



      Our expression will be look like this:
      sum({<Salesdate={">=$(vStartdate_FromDate<=$(vEnddate_ToDate)"} >} Sales)



      Thx in advance.