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    Angular JS Date Picker / Controller Name

    Fabian Heidenstecker

      Hi there,


      i am trying to create an Angular JS Date picker extension in Qlik Sense

      I found a simple example in the Angular Documentation



      My Problem is, that i don't know how to set the name for the controller in Qlik



      .controller('DateController', ['$scope', function($scope) {


      I used the Standard Template from Qlik Help


      controller: ['$scope', function ( $scope ) {

      $scope.example = {

               value: new Date(2013, 9, 22)




          } );


      I dont't know where to put the 'DateController' part, did some trial an error, but nothing seems to work. Browser giving me an error message, cause obviously it DateController is not defined. 


      [ng:areq] Argument 'DateController' is not a function, got undefined



      So can anybody help ?