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    Excluding specific reason from chart

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, can anyone tell me how i would write an expression to show me waste values but excluding a specific reason please?


      My fields are :





      There are 2 waste Narrative reasons:


      Wastage and WASTAGE


      I want to exclude the uppercase WASTE from my results (so i don't want them being added up in the total and i don't want them to display in the chart)


      Currently i have a simple expression...




      but this show's me both Narratives. I don't want to have a list box for the user to just select Wastage as our average users wouldn't know the difference between the 2 Narratives.


      Basically WASTAGE is a system generated reason when the user downloads waste figures using an older program (this program should only be used for FREEZER BREAKDOWNS but now and again some of our customers use it by mistake)


      Wastage is the reason generated using the correct program.


      Any help would be appreciated..