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    Qlik Sense : Colour by Alternative Dimension.

    kumar Panchwadker



      1st, am new to the Qlik Sense and have query with respect to Alternative Dimensions.


      In data set i have fields : Age , FeFO,Quality  and Volume ( this are only few of many)

      1. Dimension

      Age : Age1, Age2, Age3

      FeFo : FeFO-1,FeFO2

      Quality : High, Mid, Low


      2. Measure

        Sum (Volume)


      My current variable for color, works fine on individual graph( colour by expression) but i cannot achieve the same using expression field for Alternative dimensions ( for each filed .i.e. we need to have specific colour based bucket , for Age - Age1, Age2 .. specific colour)


      Why am using Alternative dimension : it really great feature to check same " measure" for complex analysis and also limits numbers of sheets in app.


      My current variable for colour

      vAge = pick(match(Age,'Age1',Age2','Age3'),'springgreen','lightskyblue','violet')

      vQuality =pick(match(Quality,'HIGH','MID','LOW'),'Blue','Yellow','Red')

      vFeFO= pick(match(FeFO,'FeFO-1','FeFO-2'),'lightgreen','lightyellow')


      I understand this is difficult in Qlik Sense but am sure there will be workaround or different method ! Is there any solution for this? it shame if Qlik Tech don't have solution for this.