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    Problem With Char Data

      Hi Gurus,


      I´m having a litlle problem to show in my Chart the budget, let mi explain the case:


      1.- I have a Excel file with Budget amount.


           T$CITG$O   T$ITEM$O      Jan     Feb     Mar


           XXXX          YYYY          1500     1200     500


      I make a "Cross table" with this sentence


      crosstable(Mes, Cantidad, 2)

      load T$CITG$O,

















      But when I want to show in my Chart    the Qty of Monthly Budget, nothing happen.


      How I can show it? Please could somebody help me.

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          Kaushik Solanki



             When you load this you will have 4 fields,  T$CITG$O   T$ITEM$O,Mes, Cantidad.


             How all you have to do is create a chart. give expression as month(Mes) and expression as sum(Cantidad).



             Hope this will solve your problem.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Cannot Understand your Cross Table Query, The data which you have posted here dont have [1],[2]...[12]


            From Where did you get these numbers? Is this 1 to 12 are months?


            Your cross table query should be as follow.


            CrossTable(Month, Data, 2)

            LOAD T$CITG$O,







            (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



            Instead of say al the fields at Load, you may also say Load * from Table name.


            Check out the attached Application.


            - Sridhar

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                Thanks for your response,

                You are right, is [1],[2],..... to [12] and it´s a month, I´m using a free version of QVW, so I can´t see the atache File.


                In other hand I´m trying to compare Budget vs. Sales ( It is in my ERP application), let me test with your sugestion a I let you know.