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    iAuditor vs Qlik sense; remove characters left & right

    Jeroen Lansbergen



      When using a csv file extracted from iAuditor I get to many characters as input in my field


      Field name Action_Priority gives an output ""Medium"" where I want to remove the "" on both sides. Basically this counts for all Fields.


      I have tried:


          Left(Action_Priority, Len(Action_Priority)-2) as Action_Priority2,


      This works for one side (characters "" on the right are removed but I don't manage it to get it also working on the left.


      Any ideas?


      On the other hand it would be great if there is also a single line scripting removing the characters "" text "" for all fields.

      I am not a Qlik sense Goeroe so please be patience


      Thanks in advance !!