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    QS April Maps issue Set Analysis

    Mikael Scorielle



      I created a Map in QS April '18, but when adding a Measure for Point Size (containing a set analysis for Year = max(Year)) the dimensions on the Map where (wrong) values for previous years are still visible. (worse, the values displayed don't even take into account the set analysis expression)


      In Postcode 2170 I have Measure = 1 in 2017, 0 in 2018.

      The Map Shows 8 when no selection is made

      When a selection is made on the Year, the value is displayed correctly


      the workaround i currently use is changing the dimension to =aggr(only({<Year={"$(=max(Year))"}>}PostCode),PostCode)

      while i would expect behaviour like in other chart types: no existing value for expression --> dimension value not visible.



      so my question: bug or feature ? ;-)